Calm digestion/ support and protect your gut

Calm digestion/ support and protect your gut

** Foods with anti-inflammatory properties soothe digestion where there is a tendency to gut irritability.
Oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon, and trout, contain essential fatty acids, in particular anti-inflammatory omega-3, which is also thought to aid digestion by supporting a variety of intestinal bacteria.
Oily fish are also a good source of high-quality, easily digestible protein.

The digestive system is vulnerable to germs and bacteria.
Berries of all types contain antimicrobial and soothing substances that protect the digestive system.
Fresh and dried berries are beneficial, so their benefits can be enjoyed year-round, added to cereals, smoothies, or simply eaten as a snack.

Digestive-Supporting Nutrients
Fresh produce is hugely beneficial for digestive health, providing vital fiber to ensure that the gut is functioning optimally, so it's important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Various types of seaweed are rich in micronutrients such as manganese and soluble fiber, which support digestion and the efficient elimination of waste.
Some foods have certain substances that support specific areas of digestion.
For example artichokes contain cynarine and silymarin, substances that increase bile production and help prevent gallstones.
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